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All About Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Construction

Solid Wood cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are made of homogeneous wood, all the way through. Boards or panels can be comprised of multiple pieces of solid wood connected to each other.

Particle Board cabinets

Particle board is made from wood chips and particles that are combined with an adhesive and fused together into boards and panels. It is dense and sturdy, and frequently used to make cabinetry.

Medium Density Fiberboard cabinets

This material is often used in cabinet doors, shelves and cabinet boxes. MDF is another engineered wood product made of wood fibers, combined with adhesive, and formed under pressure into boards and panels. MDF is more dense and heavier than particle board.

Plywood cabinets

Plywood is made up of thin wood “plies” or layers of wood that are glued together in layers. Plywood is used for shelving, doors and cabinet boxes.

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Cabinet Frame Shape

Face Frame cabinets

A frame is fixed to the front of a cabinet door, covering the edges, and softening the look.

Frameless cabinets

Frameless designs create a modern, minimalist feel.

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Door Frame Shape 

Arch cabinet frame shape

Arched doorframes are classic, and have country cottage appeal

Square cabinet frame shape

Simple square shaped doorframes add more subtle design impact.

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Interactive mockup
Cabinet Door Overlays

Full cabinet door Overlay

Full overlay doors give the appearance of inset doors, providing a flat cabinet front when closed.

Partial cabinet door Overlay

Partial overlay doors sit on top of the frame and can be opened without hardware.

Inset cabinet doors

Inset cabinet doors fit flush with the face of the cabinet when closed.

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Cabinet Panel Styles

Recessed cabinet door

The center panel in this style is slightly depressed.

Raised cabinet door panel

Raised panel style doors have a slightly lifted center panel for a more traditional look.

Slab cabinet door style

Simple door style that is flat, with no dimension created by a center panel.

Beaded cabinet panel

Extra detail carved into the cabinet face creates and artful framing effect.

V-Groove cabinet panel

Inner panel is lined with grooves for farmhouse charm.

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Even with so many choices, we can make shopping for cabinets pure zen.

fresh COLORS AND FINISHES for cabinets



Light Gray





and more!








and more!

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Essential Hardware For CAbinets

Cabinet Knobs

Knobs come in a variety of shapes and are easy to install. They’re a classic choice, ideal for vintage cabinets, or cabinets that have a more elaborate framing or panel style.


Cabinet Pulls

If you’re looking to keep a sleek look, pulls pair well with contemporary cabinets. In terms of function, they’re also easy to grip and maneuver.



Find the perfect accessories to elevate your lifestyle


Kitchen Countertop Swatches

Empira White

Calacatta Nuvo + Honed

Coastal Grey

Piatra Grey

Vanilla Noir

Empira Black

Ocean Foam

Frozen Terra

Alpine Mist

Atlantic salt

Himalayan Moon


and more!

Popular Counter Edge Styles


Double Bevel





Roll Top and Bottom




Half Bullnose

Ogee Bullnose

Benefits Of Our Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Easy Care and Maintenance

Heat Resistant

Stain Resistant

Scratch Resitant

Lifetime Warranty

Learn which styles of kitchen countertops will fit your space the best

Accessories & Enhancements for Cabinets

Drawer Inserts & Organization

Choose complete solutions for your cabinets or drawers to maximize your storage space and keep the things you need accessible.


Cabinet Pull Outs and Swing Outs

From mixer lifts to wine storage accessories, swing outs and pull outs are designed to customize your cabinets and fit with your lifestyle.


Slide Out Wastebasket Storage

Keep your wastebaskets out of the way but perfectly accessible with pullout wastebasket storage.


Multi-Storage for Cabinets

Combine racks, pull-outs, swing outs and organizational hardware for storage that accommodates a variety of household needs.


Lighting Enhancements

Enhance the mood and add character with assembled lighting, tape lighting, or other customized illumination options.


And More

With hundreds of options to personalize your design and maximize your space, if you can dream it up, we can make it a reality.


Find the perfect accessories to elevate your lifestyle

Stunning Bathroom vanities

Bathroom Vanities, Storage, and Sinks
Bathroom Vanities With Cabinets

The essential centerpiece for any bathroom space.

Undermount Sink

Easy to keep looking clean, and give your design a simple geometric look.

Vessel Sink

Beautiful vessel sinks add style and wow-factor to your bathroom.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Go beyond the traditional vanity and open up the space beneath your sink.

Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets

High-class storage design with functional benefits.

Pedestal Sink

Nostalgic charm perfect for smaller spaces.

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Prepare for your design consultation

Before Your Consultation

We’re ready to walk you through the whole process when we meet, but if you want to be EXTRA prepared, here’s how:

Set a budget

Your kitchen remodel budget should be between 5-15% of your home’s value, and your bathroom remodel budget should be between 5-10%. Consider financing options and keep in mind kitchen and bathroom remodels have the highest ROI of any other home improvement project.

Find your style

Gather pictures of kitchens that you love and might like to emulate—you can browse our galleries, create Pinterest boards, or peruse magazines. You might use these images to pinpoint 3-4 descriptive words for your style (e.g., shabby-chic, colorful, cheerful.)

Determine what’s most important

What items are absolute “musts”? Once you’ve defined your aesthetic, make a list of items that you can’t compromise on.


Think about how the space will serve your needs

As every good designer knows, form follows function. Consider what you will do in your space—do you love to bake or luxuriate in the bath? Consider what you do in your space so you can design it around what you need!


Think about what aspects are negotiable

If it’s necessary to compromise in order to stay within budget, consider what those compromises might be. Our design experts do everything to maximize your value so you get the most bang for your buck—nevertheless, plan ahead about what you would be willing to give up.


Questions To Ask Your Designer
What upgrades would you recommend?
What appliances would you recommend?
Is my budget reasonable for my goals?
How long will it take to create my design?
How many options and ideas will I receive?
Can I choose my own contractor?
A design consultation should be relaxing and inspiring. We can help with that!

Setting a budget for cabinets

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling  Overview

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling offers the highest ROI of any home improvement project


5-15% of your home value you should spend on your kitchen/bath budget


54-80% return on your investment


80% of homebuyers list kitchens in the top 3 most important spaces

Typical Kitchen Remodel Budget Allocation










fixtures and fittings



A design consultation should be relaxing and inspiring. We can help with that!
Want to get ahead of the design process?
We’ve put together a free guide to measuring your kitchen just for you!

Financing Available

Our financing options can help you reach your goals

Full Service vs DIY

Full Service


Get just the right cabinets, fully assembled and ready to install.




Let us install your cabinets, counters and accessories.




We’ll guide you every step of the way, from idea conception, to the big reveal.




All-wood RTA cabinets with simple assembly and great value.


Custom built, Ready to install

Cabinets come assembled and ready to install.

Design Services Available

Add design services to help you plan your space, and install on your own.

Get started on your dream space today!