Can I get samples of colors and materials?
Yes. We work with ten different manufacturers who supply samples of all door styles and colors they offer. We also can have any door style custom made for you with any Sherwin Williams color offered. Sample prices range from free to $45. Please visit our store or contact us for details.
Can I get replacement hinges?
Yes. If you ordered cabinets from us, we can get you replacement hinges. In most cases, hinges are covered under your warranty and are free of charge. Hinges are specific to doors and manufacturers. So if you did not purchase your cabinets from us and need replacement hinges, you can bring them into the store and we can see if we can match them.
Do you offer custom cabinets or modifications?
Yes. Most of our semi-custom cabinets offer modifications to custom fit virtually all situations and size requirements. We also offer fully custom cabinets from a group of Amish cabinet makers. These cabinets can be built to your exact specifications.
What is the timeline for design and installation?

Design and installation can vary widely depending on the job, size of job, and number of changes. The design process for most kitchens can be accomplished in a couple hours with one of our designers, though some may take longer if there are changes, or if we need to get proper information for the design, such as measurements or room layout. Installation depends on the size of the job. Small installs can take as little as one day. Please discuss your needs and expectations with your Design Guide.

Where can I get additional product specifications?
We have all the product specs for each of our manufacturers in our showrooms. Please talk to a Design Guide if you need more information.
How does a Cloud9 Design Guide work with me?

Your Design Guide will work with you every step in the kitchen and bath remodeling  process from measurements to the completion of the install. They will take your measurements and produce a 3D design that will be used to order the proper materials for your project. They will help you navigate all the different types of cabinetry offered and assist with the selection process to ensure you get what you are looking for at the most affordable option.

How much are design fees?
Our design fees are free.
What should I bring to my first design meeting?
Anything that can help get a design done for you. Preliminary measurements and the layout of your project are the most important–you can download our free Guide to Measuring Your Kitchen to get started! Pictures of the current layout can be extremely helpful as well. Color, style ideas and pictures of what you want are great.
Can I meet virtually with a designer?
Yes. There are a couple of ways to meet virtually with a designer if you do not want to come into the showroom or us to come to your home. You can email design measurements and layout to our designers and discuss your project over the phone. Or we can set up a Zoom call and go through the design process via video conferencing.
Planning A Remodel
What should I consider when planning a remodel?

Planning ahead is the key. At Cloud 9 we have years of experience working with clients on remodels and the process of kitchen and bath remodeling is so important to us–in fact, we named our company “Cloud 9” because our priority is giving you the most relaxing, worry-free experience possible during the remodel process. Ensuring you get the proper design done and meeting your budget requirements is paramount to us and to the success of your project. Next, getting guidance through your selection of cabinets, accessories and countertops is key to making the experience a positive one for you. Come visit with our Design Guides and don’t tear anything out until you get a design done and cabinets ordered!

How do I measure my space?
Having a professional measure your space is important to getting an accurate design done. However, you can still start the process with rough measurements. Click here for a copy of our “Guide to Measuring Your Kitchen” here. Either your Design Guide or your installer can confirm final measurements prior to ordering cabinets.
How long does a full remodel take?

Kitchen and bath remodeling projects are not all created equal. They can range from just a day or two day for basic cabinet installation to a month for a much more detailed remodel project. Redoing flooring, moving walls or electrical & plumbing can add time. Adding on to your home with a new space generally will take much longer than replacement type projects. Reach out to your Design Guide for more information.

Should I do my kitchen remodel myself?
Taking on a remodel project yourself depends on many factors. Your skill set & ability are important, but so are factors like the time you have to spend, your personality, and the scope of the project. Having the proper tools is important as well. But if you are a DIYer, there are a lot of benefits to remodeling your kitchen yourself. At Cloud 9, we work with many DIYers and have tons of experience with helping get projects done correctly and in a timely manner. We can provide instructions and videos and even make site visits if necessary.
Does Cloud 9 provide installation?
Yes. There are three ways we approach installation. We can work with your installer on layout and design. We can refer known, trusted installers to give you a bid. Or we can add an installation estimate to your cabinet quote and install your project with our installers. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible and to get you the absolute best deal on your cabinets.
Do you provide support for DIYers?
Absolutely. We love DIYers and have several cabinet lines specifically tailored for DIYers to save them money. We also offer videos and instructions to help assemble cabinets if necessary and install them. Start by downloading our “Guide to Measuring Your Kitchen” for free!
Do DIY cabinets come preassembled?
Cabinets either come RTA (ready-to-assemble) or built. DIYers can choose either cabinet depending on their project, needs, and budget. There are pros and cons to both. Talk to a Design Guide about your project and they can help you choose the best option for you.
If Cloud 9 provides installation, will they haul away old cabinets and other waste?

Yes. There are multiple scenarios regarding kitchen and bath remodeling projects. Some include installing cabinets only and some include demolition and removal of old cabinets. Regardless, we will ensure there is no waste from your new cabinets including boxes, excess trim pieces, and any other materials associated with your project.

Costs & Budgeting
What percentage of my home value should I spend on a kitchen remodel?
You should expect to invest between 5-15% of your home’s value into a kitchen remodel. At Cloud 9, we offer financing options and Design Guides can help you get the most out of your remodel dollars.
What is the ROI for a kitchen remodel?
The ROI for a kitchen remodel is around 70-80%, depending on where you live in the country and the kind of choices you make in your remodel plan. Kitchen remodels still have the highest ROI of any other home improvement you can do. Design Guides at Cloud 9 can help you plan a kitchen remodel that will help you maximize your ROI.
What is the ROI for a bathroom remodel?
The average ROI for a bathroom remodel is around 70%, and provides the second highest home improvement ROI.
How much can I expect to spend on cabinets?
Of your total remodel budget, you can expect to spend about 35% on your cabinets. Be sure you get the perfect ones! Browse our options or connect with a Design Guide today.
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